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Series: Enterprise Viral

The traditional way of selling software to big companies is dying. For new early-stage companies, the path towards large contracts and a successful business is by landing then expanding virally through the enterprise.

Enterprise Viral

Posted by Tejus Parikh on April 17, 2015

Viral spread is relevant to the enterprise

Viral spread is relevant to the enterprise original source

Consumer products have long utilized the viral effect to spread awareness and increase the utility of the offering. Facebook was great when it was just your college friends, but value increased greatly when it became the easiest way to keep in touch with your family living half a world away. The [consumerization of enterprise](https://medium.com/@iamtikue/the-consumerization-of-enterprise-software-3e6eca1b5bbe) is one of the biggest trends in B2B software and we're starting to see the the similarities extend beyond UX to include "enterprise viral."

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What Enterprise Viral Means for Sales.

Posted by Tejus Parikh on June 11, 2015

One tangential storyline to the consumerization of enterprise technology is the need for products to be Enterprise Viral. Like every change to an established go-to-market strategy, going enterprise viral has significant effects on the business, especially sales and product development. In this post, I’ll take a look at the impact enterprise viral has on Sales.

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Product Drives Enterprise Viral

Posted by Tejus Parikh on August 03, 2015

The Enterprise Viral growth strategy impacts other aspects of an organization, but is fueled through the product. It is the product’s responsibility to prove the value proposition, be engaging, and turn users into advocates. These are great generalizations, but what are specifics that drive this type of product?

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