Farewell, Outbrain

My time with Outbrain has come to an end, it's time to find a new challenge

Posted by Tejus Parikh on May 16, 2014

Yesterday, May 15, 2014 was the final day in a four and a half year ride that started at Vertical Acuity and ended at Outbrain. The moment is bittersweet and I'm going to miss working on the fantastic technology we built. Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, Outbrain is no longer the right place and it's time for a change.

I will look back very fondly on these past few years. I never thought that this would become my longest tenured job to date (partially due to the circumstances of my hiring). I still cannot believe the immense amount I learned and grew in this position. I architected server components, hacked up Spring Framework code, reworked and improved our UX, hired people, ran a team, and flexed my inner interior decorator.

I learned more about the inner workings of startups and the different challenges that face company in different stages of growth. I also got to learn about the startup culture of Israel. Everything I just mentioned is all thanks to the really great people I had the privilege to work with, many of whom have become my good friends.

The next immediate step is to pull my bike out of cold storage, lube the chain, and go ride. I'm looking forward to spending time doing things that never rise to the top of the priority queue when one is building a product and organization, like writing blog posts and reengaging with Atlanta's evolving startup scene. Of course, there's also a lot of new technology that I want to learn and explore. If nothing else, there's plenty of World Cup to watch!

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