SXSW: The F1 Talk

Posted by Tejus Parikh on March 13, 2012

My first SXSW session foreshadowed the rest of the SXSW experience.

The description for the talk was full of technical details and allusions to concepts like KERS, tires, and material science. I really like Le Mans prototypes and F1, not only because they can turn right and drive in the rain, because they push the technology envelope.

Half the talk was about the new Circuit of the Americas. This would have been okay by me if he talked about the design inspirations for the track, but much of this segment was about how many fans could fit, the amenities, and the number of luxury boxes.

He included a few tidbits about technology, along with a few good pictures of McLaren factory, which just looks awesome. Before this talk, I had not realized how much teams like Williams and McLaren rely on their technology consulting arms and that Ferrari has McLaren analyze some of its data.

Still, I felt I would have been better served watching an hour of the BBC’s pre-race coverage than attending this talk.

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