SXSW: Data Visualization for Change

Posted by Tejus Parikh on March 13, 2012

The amount of data available almost as an inverse relation to how actionable that information is. Proper representation is key for creating change.

The first panelist spoke to this topic and presented his workflow on how he creates visualization for large data sets. His best slide was one that showed all the iterations that went into his visualization for OECD’s life index. Responding to feed back is crucial for creating a representation that makes sense. In the interactive world, working with end user feed back is just as critical.

One fact they discovered through the usage of the form was people weren’t weighting each indicator as randomly as they had hoped. This reduced the effectiveness of the message the OECD is attempting to promote. A future revision is planned to account for this.

The second presenter was completely unprepared, showed a video, had technical difficulties and talked for far to long. It seemed like the appropriate time to call it a conference and head on out.

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