Getting Rid of My Personal Server

Posted by Tejus Parikh on October 19, 2011

A few years ago, I stopped hosting my site on physical hardware and got a VPS from Linode. This worked really well for a few years, but I’ve gotten busy with other things and linux server administration really doesn’t interest me anymore.

Since I blog so infrequently, every time I was tempted to write a blog, Wordpress begged me to update it. By the time I installed the patches, updated the plugins, I blew the window and desire to write a blog post.

Therefore, through no real fault of Linode, I’m shutting down my VPS and moving to strictly to SaaS solutions.

The most important and challenging was moving the blogs to Tumblr. I wrote a small post for the tool I wrote.

The other challenge old SVN repositories off the machine. Since these are really just projects that I created years ago for very specific people and purposes, the cost of Github didn’t make sense. Instead I opted for the free plan on Bitbucket.

Finally, I am using Linode to handle some of my DNS. Since I moved my domains to namecheap, I just use their free domain service for most things. For anything that requires more, there’s always Amazon’s Route 53.

Just for kicks, I created my own “about-me” style page and tossed it out there with Amazon’s S3 for static websites.

Unless you are hosting a real application, there’s almost no reason to manage one’s own server. There are simply too many free or cheap alternatives that handle the administration overhead.

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