Splitting Personalities

Posted by Tejus Parikh on February 2, 2010

I’m not a software developer, entrepreneur, or engineer. That’s just what I do. There’s a lot that I’m interested in beyond my work. For the longest time, my online presence has been at ViJedi.net. However, in the era of micro-blogging and increased social interaction on the web, I’ve found myself holding back from posting things that I find interesting. I’m always faced with the fact that half my audience doesn’t really care that I went to park and took some pictures. The other half doesn’t care that Slicehost rocks or are interested in a new Spring MVC trick.

So from today on, ViJedi.net will be about software, technology, the software development process and other startup-y topics. All my personal posts, like pictures, random thoughts and the rest will be at a new blog tejus.tumblr.com. Thanks for reading.

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