ViJedi is in the Cloud

Posted by Tejus Parikh on July 1, 2009

A few months ago the power supply on my server totally tanked. The cost to replace it was somewhere around $99 and some elbow grease, but it got beyond the point where I wanted to maintain my own hardware. This would be the third hardware failure in as many years and I was frustrated.

I still wanted my own server with full access, so I got an account with Linode. Since I found it very difficult to upgrade between major versions of OpenSUSE, I installed Arch Linux based on the recommendation of the guys over at WeTheCitizens.

This blog, my private repositories and some other stuff sit on this server now, but the shared instance wasn’t going to work for photos.  I signed up for a Flickr pro account and started migrating my public code to GitHub.

When I started this site nearly 5 years ago, none of this would have been practical.  The hosting that you got for $20/mo was worthless.  Code and photosharing sites all sucked.  Now I’ve got a set of tools that work really well and I don’t have to maintain any of it.

Tejus Parikh

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