Hiking in Fort Mountain

Posted by Tejus Parikh on June 21, 2009

Sonali and I haven’t been to North Georgia in forever so we decided to brave the heat and head some place new. When we lived in Alpharetta, we frequented the Northeast side of our state a lot. Lately we’ve been trying to see what’s there on the Eastern parts.

Fort Mountain has a lot of trails, but most of them seem somewhat unused and infrequently traveled. We traveled on portions of the Guhati Trail, which is an 8.2 mile loop. The trail was well marked, but could have used a little more attention. There were lengthy sections that were nearly overgrown and more than a few trees blocking the path.

The trail also didn’t seem that popular, we didn’t see another soul while walking. We ended up taking the main road back instead of walking back down the trail to make up some time.

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