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Posted by Tejus Parikh on January 16, 2008

Since my computer is hosed because I’m stuck installing Visual Studio (don’t ask), I figured I might as well add to the noise about Steve Jobs Keynote.

Yesterday at 12, we all packed into the conference room, hoping for a live video feed. Instead we watched the live blogging on Overall, it was a total snooze. Little apps that should have been on the device anyway, for $20. A hard drive on a wireless router. A software update and price drop on what has been a sub-optimal device. No wonder the stock price started tanking. Hey Steve, if I want boring, I’ll get a PC.

The highlight of the announcement was the AIR. Besides having a really dumb name, it somewhat compelling. Not to long ago, I got it in my head that I wanted another sub-notebook to replace my nearly 4 year old Fujitsu-P2120. Unfortunately, the only devices available had crippled chips and cost over $2100. I can manage carrying around an extra pound to save a grand, and get more power and a larger hard drive as well. I could never figure out why a smaller machine cost so much more. The $1800 AIR brings this market segment to a more sensible range.

However, as far as light, somewhat durable machines with good battery life go, the bottom of the food chain is far more interesting. This year, we’ve seen 3 offerings of well functioning internet devices for $400 or less, the EEEPC, Ipod Touch. For “coffee-house computing,” which is all most sub-notebooks are really capable of, these make a lot more sense. Drop it. Spill coffee on it. That would really suck, but at least you have some money left in the wallet.

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