Reepli: "Mark's Horrible Idea" defined

Posted by Tejus Parikh on November 8, 2008

Media-savvy companies know that in the era of blogs and social media it is impossible to control the conversation. Media-deprived companies don’t even know if there is a conversation happening. Reepli is a solution for rapid and comprehensive response to conversations happening outside of a brand-builder’s direct sphere of influence. PR agencies already engage in this type of activity. However, they charge thousands of dollars a month for this service. Reepli will enable everybody and every organization to have the same level of power. Consider the case of Joe the Restaurateur. Joe manages all of the day to day for his restaurant. Try as he might, a few patrons leave his restaurant unhappy and post negative reviews. There are only a few a month, but Joe doesn’t have the time, money, or knowledge to find these reviews and set the record straight. The problem scales to large companies as well. Suddenly, a report is published indicating that a line of popular toys manufactured in China contains a high level of lead. This situation is highly improbable, but if were to happen then the blogosphere would be on fire with conversations relating to this topic. Forums for Mom’s would be questioning the quality of the toys. Financial sites will be speculating on the damage to the stock price. The toy company can use their PR agency to contact CNN and Foxnews, but there is no way they can reach out to individuals on blogs. The company simply cannot keep up with the volume. A perfect example how immediate and quick response can benefit a company is apparent with Comcast’s new initiatives Comcast is universally lambasted for it’s terrible service. However, they now have service representatives on twitter scouring for people with issues. Once they find them, they solve them. The result is that customers who were publicly complaining about Comcast are now singing its praises. Comcast can do this because they have money to spend on this problem. Joe the restaurant owner doesn’t. With Reepli, Mattel, Joe the Restaurter and everyone else in between can set up a campaign around a set of keywords. Each campaign would then have a set of predefined responses that could be automatically posted to popular blogging engines and twitter. Reepli will also use advanced language processing to subtly change form messages to prevent the assumption that the marketing outreach is spam. Reepli allows you to:

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