Fluid userscript for Zimbra Mail

Posted by Tejus Parikh on June 14, 2008

This week I noticed that there are about 5 tabs in my browser that are never closed. Personally, I think OSX is much better at managing windows than Safari, so I converted these sites to applications with Fluid. In that process, I noticed that my new gReader.app had a shiny doc badge: Well now that I had one for my RSS, I wanted one for my email too. I’ve been running Zimbra in Fluid for some time, but I completely ignored the power of the userscripting ability, as well as the Fluid extensions to the JS API. The end result is that I now see a dock badge and get growl notifications when I get an email. There are a few problems with what I’ve done. You’ll only get notifications if your inbox is open (and is called “Inbox”). Also, this means that you won’t get notifications for events on your calendar. If you want to run this yourself, you can grab the script from github and install it into your Fluid instance. One thing that you will have to change is the included domains on a line that looks like:

// @include     https://mail.vijedi.net/*

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