Return of the Fujitsu

Posted by Tejus Parikh on January 14, 2007

One thing that I’ve noticed that in 2007 our laptops are as big as they were in 2003. It’s been almost 4 years since I got my Fujitsu, and now that I’ve taken it back, I still haven’t come across a laptop that I like more. I’m very impressed with the build of this little machine. Even after a tour of duty with my technology destroying younger brother, it still works like a charm (once I cleaned the toothpaste off the keyboard).

I love my new MacBook for it’s speed and operating system. However, for chilling out on the couch and interneting, give me the Fujitsu any day. It’s small, light, quiet, and doesn’t pose a fire hazard. As long as Opera remains fast, this computer should remain useable.

It’s somewhat upsetting that it’s no easier or cheaper to get a tiny laptop now than it was when I bought this one. There’s tons of laptops with 15” screens that weight 8lbs, but almost none with screens smaller than 12” and feather-weight. Those that do cost more than my MacBook and come with the computer virus known as Windows. Hopefully, one day Apple will introduce an ultra slim OS X tablet. After the iPhone, they’ll have the technological expertise. Until then, I think I’m going to hold on to this one.

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