Nokia N800

Posted by Tejus Parikh on January 11, 2007

Nokia has finally released the successor to the somewhat underpowered 770 by releasing the N800. As far as specs go, it looks like it’s a minor upgrade. I’m sure the software boasts improvement too. I would give a more complete technical analysis, but the N800 page does not seem to render correctly in Opera on my underpowered laptop. That fact is either very ironic or very telling.

Still, even though I can’t see all the details, it’s worth blogging about since the real news here is that Nokia didn’t cancel the project. It’s validation of the notion that there’s market for a small, open-sourced based convergent devices. I belive one of the major things holding the mylo back is the locked down nature of it’s firmware. There’s hardly any community support for the device.

I also find it somewhat amusing that a cell phone company (Nokia) is making a convergent device without cellphone capabilities and a device maker (Apple) is making a cell phone. I think both the N800 and the iPhone (tm cisco) are cool, but the only device I’m buying anytime soon is a 30gb iPod. I have high hopes that by the time it’s due to retire in 18 months, the device I really want will be available.

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