New Wii Browser

Posted by Tejus Parikh on April 11, 2007

It’s finally here, the final version of Opera for the Wii. I just grabbed it and it’s a solid improvement over the trial version. I’m not too sure about stability yet, since I haven’t used it too much. The best new feature is the option to hide the menubar by pressing 1. The browser feels a little faster as well. Another little tweak is holding down B to scroll now puts a little vector arrow on your screen that helps describe how and where you’re scrolling. I think they’ve added single column mode (it might have been there before) which makes extremely wide pages fit within the width of your tv. In other words, no more left and right scrolling when attempting to read slashdot comments

So far, it seems pretty good, but we’ll see if it lives up to it’s potential in the coming weeks. About the only thing that would make it less useful than it can be is if it just crashes all the time.

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