Installing Freevo On Ubuntu

Posted by Tejus Parikh on May 22, 2007

We were pretty impressed by the demos of LinuxMCE, so we decided to give it a try. More details on that, when my wife decides to stop being lazy. The end result was pretty disastrous and we decided to switch back to Freevo. Since I keep hearing good things about Ubuntu, I decided to use that at the base of my Freevo install. This is by no means a detailed walk-though, it just describes the steps I took to try and get it working.

  1. Install Ubuntu
  2. Install restricted formats
  3. Attempt to install Freevo, but get stymied by a python dependency error
  4. Search internet for a list of dependencies and install those
  5. Check that mp3s, dvds, and movie files play in xine or mplayer
  6. Compile and install Kaa, install any dependencies you didn’t catch earlier
  7. Compile and install Freevo
  8. Marvel about how not bad that process was
  9. Install lirc (remote control package) from repositories
  10. Scratch head over the non-existence of lirc modules
  11. Discover that package was just source, and compile it using the directions
  12. Load module, gawk at strange IRQ related error
  13. Add boot option, recommended by the strange IRQ error, to grub
  14. Reboot
  15. Load module, get same error
  16. Search google, find hack, and try the last to steps again, repeatedly
  17. Break down in tears
  18. Reach for OpenSUSE disk

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