Installing Freevo on OpenSUSE

Posted by Tejus Parikh on May 22, 2007

In my last post, I detailed the process of getting Freevo installed on Ubuntu. It actually wasn’t too bad, unless you wanted your Multi-Media PC to respond to an IR remote. This post is a quick overview on how to install Freevo on an OpenSUSE box. The details are once again left out, since each step is much better explained from the pages found in a google search.

  1. Install openSUSE
  2. Add the OSS and NON-OSS repositories to the software sources
  3. Add the Packman, Guru, and NVIDIA (optional) repositories
  4. Open the Yast software install tool. Install Freevo, Lirc, Xine, Mplayer, and DVD packages
  5. Search the web on how to install libdvdcss on OpenSUSE and follow those directions
  6. Configure Freevo
  7. Configure NVIDIA card for TV-OUT
  8. Configure Xine to play to the correct audio source
  9. Set $LIRC_MODULE correctly in /etc/sysconfig/lirc
  10. Configure lirc for freevo
  11. Configure LIRC and Freevo to start on boot
  12. Reboot
  13. Done.

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