Changing Network Providers Never Goes Smoothly

Posted by Tejus Parikh on April 4, 2007

We recently switched where we get our bandwidth provider from XO to FDN Communications. The complete switchover was supposed to be a few weeks away still, but of course something went wrong and we lost connectivity early Monday afternoon. After a scramble to get wires moved and dns entries updated, we still couldn’t connect to any of our servers, by IP or name, even after dns propogated.

We’re using monowall as our firewall and 1:1 server nat for our dmz. We thought we had changed everything, but we completely forgot about the proxy arp settings. So note to all monowall users scambling to switch over their networks, remember that section too!

Quite possibly the coolest part about getting the systems configured correctly again is the sound of the harddrives spinning to process the backlog of new mail is enough to tell that the systems are all working again. It took a little less than 24 hours, but by early Tuesday we were up and running again, and on a fatter pipe!

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