Wii launch dates announced

Posted by Tejus Parikh on September 15, 2006

It’s been all over the internet that the Nintendo Wii launch date has been announced for Nov. 19 with a launch price of $250. The launch price includes the sports game heavily showcased at E3.
This wasn’t the slam-dunk, I need to get in line at Best Buy type announcement that I was hoping for. I expected the Wii to be at the traditional $200 price point. Of course, the dollar is relatively weaker, the console is more advanced, the competitors expect you to take out a mortgage, and it comes with a game, so I guess it isn’t too absured a price point.
However, this wasn’t the only strange thing about the announcement. In a somewhat surprising move, Nintendo is releasing first in the North American market. Generally, we across the pond have to wait a while before we get our goodies. Plus, the date itself is weird. Nintendo decided to pick the date two days after the PS3 launch.
After a summer featuring extremely good PR-buzz for Nintendo, I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what Nintendo’s trying to accomplish with the latest release. Are they hoping that parents will arrive at the store hoping to buy a PS3, but then buy 2 Wii’s instead?
Regardless, I’m still going to get one, sooner rather than later. However, I don’t think you’ll find me standing in any lines that Sunday morning.

Tejus Parikh

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