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Posted by Tejus Parikh on December 1, 2006

While I really like OSX, there are still somethings that I miss about good X11 install. One of those is multiple desktops. Therefore I was forced to google and discovered Virtue Desktops. The transition between two desktops is pretty snazzy and the default key-bindings are pretty sensible. The only thing I don’t like is now difficult it is to move a window to another virtual console. You have to bring up the options screen with alt+ctrl+o, then select the console. You can’t just drag a window and move it. Still, for what claims to be alpha software, it’s been stable and useful.
Another OSX pet-peeve is the brain-dead lack of an options menu to change the ANSI color mappings in When using white on black, vim is unusable because the yellow is far too bright and nearly impossible to see against the white. When reverse is chosen, color ls shows directories as a dark blue, again leading to vision difficulties. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to find a scheme that will work, since the ANSI colors are almost guaranteed to generate a conflict. To the rescue comes Terminal Colors. It’s simple and effective. Just install the plugin, view the ANSI Colors option under window settings and configure till all text becomes visible.

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