The Apple Store

Posted by Tejus Parikh on April 28, 2006

The Apple store can be a very dangerous place. It’s not like Best Buy or Fry’s, with their hordes of nondescript, plain boxes strewn over an array of shelves and covered in a spaghetti of wires. No, the Apple store is modern office bliss. Bright, but not harsh, lighting and furniture that hides wires, looks elegant, and most importantly, showcase the stylish hardware sitting on top of them. Trepidation has kept me out of these stores before, but they keep calling like Homer’s sirens.

I have always despised MacOS. I found it klunky, ugly, and annoying. Not only that, but the computers themselves looked like toys for teenage girls. But then came OSX and the Titanium Powerbooks. What I disliked about MacOS was gone, and in it’s place was non other than my beloved UNIX. Yet, I still stayed away. Spending that much money for only one mouse button was simply unjustifiable.

But then came the Mac Mini. All the wonders of the Mac, with non of the extra junk. I was tempted to be sure. It was cute, it was small, it was inexpensive. But something still held me back. I’d walk by the Apple Store (at a safe distance), look and wonder. Every time I’d convince myself that I was too set in my ways, that this just wasn’t practical.

However, every man has his breaking point and Steve Jobs found mine. He put an dual core Intel chip into the mini. Not only could I run OSX, but Windows, Linux, and even Solaris. The resistance had been broken. This time, I walked out the proud owner of a Mac Mini. What an interesting world.

Tejus Parikh

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