More Updates

Posted by Tejus Parikh on September 10, 2006

Finally finished the moderate overhaul that I started when things at Vocalocity started to go sour. I got rid of a few of my major pet peeves on this site, such as the dated-looking and poorly transparent-ized graphics. I’m not saying that the new ones are great, but there are a lot fewer artifacts. I also updated the favicon and all smaller images. I also took care of a strange Opera bug with the photo gallery that placed an extra pixel between some elements. I also added a drop shadow to the image on the blog.

However, since I don’t have a windows box, I have no idea what this site looks like in IE. Some things are garunteed to look aweful, such as the transparencies since I’m using PNG. Other things might be plain broken. If you see anything let me know.

Hopefully, with the site tweaks out of the way, I can get cracking on the software again.

Tejus Parikh

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