I'm a co-founder and CTO of Rivalry, an Atlanta, GA venture backed company. I write about everything that goes into building a young company, from fund raising strategy to technical nitty gritty.

Will an SDR Bring Value to Your Company?

Posted by Tejus Parikh on February 01, 2016

Calculator to compute the number of leads per successful SDR

Scaling sales is an important function of every B2B startup. Some of the best products have failed simply because the companies could not convince anyone to buy it. It is no wonder that methodologies and approaches for running a sales team have received more rigor for SaaS companies with one of the biggest trends being the increased specialization of the salesforce. Of course, specialization is a luxury of scale. The real question for a small but growing startup is when the specialization will make sense. I created a calculator to help me and others make sense of the numbers. Read on for the details behind the application.

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Redirecting Domains on SSL Services with Cloudfront and S3

Posted by Tejus Parikh on January 11, 2016

Switch your SSL to another domain without missing a beat

It's official, Rivalry is now WideAngle. One of our big accomplishments last year was to move all of our web properties to SSL, including our main website. The warm fuzzies from having secure communication is great, but we recently uncovered a problem that we had not thought about when we launched the initiative. What do we do if we change our root domain?

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Refactoring: When a Par 4 isn't a Par 4

Posted by Tejus Parikh on December 22, 2015

Don't lose the forest for the tees Original image

Refactoring is a startup CEO's least favorite words. The official definition reeks of ivory towerism, the casual one implies that a refactoring task is to spend effort accomplishing nothing. Despite this refactoring is critical in a rapidly growing codebase. To understand why, consider a Par 4 where there is a forest between the tees and the fairway.

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Job Search Advice for Code School Bootcampers.

Posted by Tejus Parikh on November 17, 2015

A great career is at your fingertips Original image

The next step after attending a Code School Bootcamp is finding a job. As someone that's been in the industry for a while I often get asked for pointers, tips, and just general ideas for starting a career in programming. These are my thoughts and four key pieces of advice on about how to get started.

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One of my Favorite Design "Hacks"

Posted by Tejus Parikh on November 08, 2015

The Mac Finder is always open

Building software for humans is hard. One might think the increasing importance of computing in an average persons life would make the job easier on UX designers and engineers. In fact, the opposite is true. New software's success rests on its builders creating it to be easy to understand. One of the most important ways to accomplish this is illustrated by one of my favorite design hacks: the always open Mac Finder.

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