Just how much is that {{ equity.getYourOwnership() | number }}% really worth?

Early stage compensation often involves giving a portion of the salary in order to strike a claim on the riches that could come from a successful exit. It's impossible to predict exactly how a company will grow and what that could mean for your bottom line, but this calculator lets you plug in numbers and see what comes out at the end. If you would like to play with code, the source is up on GitHub.

What equity were you offered?

Let's enter some details about the company

Did the company use funding to grow?

The company has taken {{ comp.$fundingRounds.length }} funding rounds.

{{ round.sharesIssued() | number }} new shares issued, ${{ round.pricePerShare() | number }} per share

The Liquidity Event has Finally Happened!


What would you have earned at a (soulless?) big company?

Your Totals

Company Value
${{ equity.getCompanyValue() | number }}

ShareValue - Final (Initial)
${{ equity.getYourValue() | number:2 }} (${{ equity.getYourPrice() | number }})

Ownership - Final (Initial)
{{ equity.getYourOwnership() | number:3 }}% ({{ equity.getInitialOwnership() | number:3 }}%)

Net = ${{ equity.getYourNet() | number:2}}

Earnings Comparison

Total Big Co Earnings
${{ equity.totalBigCoEarnings() | number:2 }}


Total Startup Earnings
${{ equity.totalStartupEarnings() | number:2 }}

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